Is herbal medicine safe?

If treated with respect and used properly, it is very safe. It is unusual for there to be any unwanted side-effects with prescribed herbal medicine.
Qualified herbalists are trained in the safe use of herbs.  When preparing your prescription, herbalists consider your own unique health circumstances, any drugs your are currently being prescribed plus all the latest safety data on the herbs in your prescription.  The level of training and consideration given to our patients mean that medical herbalists have an excellent safety record.

NB. If in doubt about any herbal medicine, always consult a qualified Medical Herbalist.

How long is a course of treatment?

Depends entirely on the individual. Two people with the same sort of complaint could need herbal medicine for very different lengths of time. Factors that influence this include the person’s health backgound and the severity and length of illness. The aim is always to restore health so that herbal medicine is no longer needed, rather than having treatment to just to control symptoms.

Can I take herbal medicine if I’m taking medicine prescribed by my doctor?

Yes. Very rarely is herbal medicine not advised for this reason. Some herbs cannot be taken at the same time as certain drugs, but such herbs can be avoided and other ones used instead. This is a very good reason for seeking treatment from a properly qualified medical herbalist.

Is herbal medicine suitable for everyone?

Yes, if used properly, including babies and pregnant women. Children can respond particularly well to herbal medicine.

What can herbal medicine offer that conventional medicine can’t?

Sometimes herbs can bring healing where medical approaches have not been useful. This is often due to their tonic, cleansing and restorative effects. A well-trained herbalist is always looking for the causes of ill-health, no matter how subtle, and correcting these. Herbal medicine is so good at achieving a state of balance.

What about herbal quality?

Herbal medicine quality and safety are linked.  My herbs are sourced from highly ethical and rigorously tested sources in accordance with good medicinal practice. Herbal quality is of such importance to me, that I cover this in more detail on my herbal quality page.  If you are interested in how other herbalists and myself as a practicing herbalist take this matter, click here to see more information on this subject.

Do you use Chinese herbs?

A few Chinese herbs are now used in Western herbal system, but I do not prescribe according to Chinese principles. This requires separate training in Chinese herbal medicine.

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbal Medicine has evolved over 4000 years as a powerful and accurate tool regulating the internal organs and immune system. It assists greatly in helping many skin conditions. All the ingredients used by proper Chinese herbalists are natural, and unlike most Western drugs, have no side-effects. Over 1000 herbs are used in Chinese medicine and the ingredients all come from the natural flora and fauna of China. A properly trained Chinese doctor will be able to prescribe a mixture of different herbs to treat an individual’s illness. No two patient prescriptions will be the exactly same, as a herbal prescription is tailored to treat the specific ailment of the individual, unlike Western prescriptions which are standardized by the pharmaceutical companies

Does is work?

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine and records go back over thousands of years.  Many modern medicines used by orthodox medicine have their origins of in plants.

Herbal medicines are generally safer with fewer side effects.  Herbal medicine practiced by herbalists today, draws on this historical knowledge and combines modern research being carried out on herbs to make our treatment strategies even safer and more effective.

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