Herbal Tea

Most of people starts a day with a warm cup of tea. This cup of tea can be realy healthy if it contains herbal medicine plants.

Herbal TeaAn herbal tea, tisane, or ptisan is an herbal infusion made from anything other than the leaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis).

In the herbal medicine doctrine, there is a lot to do with Herbal Tea.

The preparation of the medicine is very easy (only the plant parts and hot water) and the plants can be preserved easily for long time.

Herbal teas can be made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots, generally by pouring boiling water over the plant parts and letting them steep for a few minutes. Seeds and roots can also be boiled on a stove. The tisane is then strained, sweetened if so desired, and served. Many companies produce herbal tea bags for such infusions.

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